Going Independent: Tech Series (Part 6) – Putting the Pieces Together

Throughout this series, several pieces of the technology puzzle have been examined individually, focusing on specific solutions to specific problems. Integrating solutions has been a thread throughout these posts. Regardless of the specific issue being addressed with technology, a solution's ability to integrate with processes and with other systems is critical. So Far This post is about [...]


Going Independent: Tech Series (Part 5) – Cybersecurity

In May 2016, Forbes reported that the Financial Services sector was number three on the list of most cyber-attacked industries and all indications were that cyber-crime would continue to rise. In this fast paced landscape, where increased opportunities for data access are met with an increasing set of vulnerabilities, clients are entrusting you with more and more [...]

Going Independent: Tech Series (Part 3) – CRM

In part 3 of this 6 part series, we'll take a look at what, in most cases, should be the central component of your technology environment - the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Let's first take a look at the three components of these powerful databases. C - Customer CRM systems were initially built to [...]

Cloud PM Launches to Serve Independent Financial Advisors

After working with independent financial advisors over the past several years, I've come to really appreciate the value they add and how it impacts their clients' lives. While working for one of the most respected boutique Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) in the nation, I consulted with advisors on a daily basis, helping them make informed [...]

Why Migrate Your Data To The Cloud?

Building a financial services practice is no easy task, as you well know. Servicing clients and building your book of business is top priority. Very quickly, however, without the proper systems in place, you end up with client data in multiple locations - emails, Outlook contacts, notepads, custodian platforms, etc. Wouldn't it be great if [...]